Clip Question Answered

The Renegade Writer's Blog has responded to my question!

“I’m still new to freelance writing and am fairly inexperienced, and by inexperienced I mean lacking in clips. I’ve written a few things online, but only for article sites and websites that accept open submissions. While the articles themselves are done well, I’m worried that including these as clips would just scream ‘amateur!’ to any editor who looked at them. What should I do?” (See the full answer...)

As they so perfectly rephrased it, my clips stink! Because they're mostly for crappy article sites, they've been lumped together with whatever crappy drivel gets posted there.

Thier suggestion? Pull my articles out of these wannabe corrals, focus on writing for real publications and learn to write a killer query letter.

This sounds like excellent advice - I'll get right on that.

On a further note, the RWB has also added me to the list of 'Blogs they Like'. Yay for links!

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