Someone in Cyberspace Likes Me!

I've got a small confession to make. I Google myself. I'll search for my name, I'll search for my articles, my websites, my comments on other blogs, and anything else I can find out about myself. Maybe it's the result of insatiable curiosity with just a bit of ego thrown in. Maybe it's more like a handful of ego, with a pinch of curiosity. Either way, it's not a daily thing. Once in a while, just because I'm bored, I'll Google Brian Westover, just to see what pops up.

It turns out that there are about 10 different people named Brian Westover in the USA, including myself. There's a dentist, a real estate agent, a computer programmer, a blacksmith and one devilishly handsome freelance writer. But I digress.

Today, I discovered that I've gotten a wee bit of recognition from another auther. Anita Hackley Lambert, author of the biography F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice and has on her site a collection of selected articles about the writing profession. Included on the site is my own article Before You Write.

Any recognition goes a long way, and I'll happily take what I can get. Thanks Anita, and good luck in your writing career!

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