Blog Envy - inkthinker

While doing some poking around in the blogosphere, I found inkthinker, the blog of author Kristen King. She's a talented writer, a solid blogger and a source of some sound writing advice. This is definitely a blog for writers to keep an eye on.

Some posts that particularly caught my eye:

Her notes from the 2006 WIW Freelance Success Seminar (Parts 1 and 2 so far)
Filled with gems of practical advice for freelancers. I'd quote one or two, but then I'd just quote them all...

Open Letter To Cheaters
Ms. King blasts the plaigarizing snot out of those who try to hire freelancers to do things like write their dissertations for them.


Kristen King said...

I just Googled myself because I'm trying to find a link I accidentally deleted, and I discovered your very kind words about ::inkthinker::! Thanks so much for reading, and for writing about me!


Brian Westover said...

Hey, thank you for the great blog. Being a bit of a newbie, it's helpful to get insights from someone more experienced.

- Brian