BYU-I Scroll, moving around

The Scroll just started up again for the new semester, and today was the day for new staff assignments. I was hoping to work somewhere other than News, and I got my wish. This semester, I'm writing for the Campus section - sweet!

Not that I have anything against News. On the contrary, I loved writing for that section, because the staff was great. It also got me some experience with hard news, which will be valuable once I leave school. Unfortunately, it's tough to find topics for the News section of a campus paper in a small Idaho town. Because it's a school paper, every article is expected to relate to the student body, which cuts out a lot of big events, simply because they don't have much bearing on 18-25 year old students. Local news doesn't give you much, because it's a small town in Idaho - the police blotter usually consists of such exciting items as noise disturbances and the occassional lost child. Not much to work with there. To make things even more difficult, we have a two week lag between the completion of a story and the time it hits print, making most emergent news useless because it's out of date by the time the paper goes out. It's a tad frustrating, to say the least.

So now I'm with Campus, which is great. I'm working with one of the assistant editors from News, and two of the News writers came over as well. Even cooler than that is the fact that my section editor from last semester is now the Editor in Chief, which will make both me and my writing more visible with in the giant 100+ staff. This should also greatly improve my chances of landing a spot on the paid editorial staff next fall.

I am stoked!

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