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12 Surefire Brainstorming Techniques - Are you stuck in a mental rut? Battling writer's block? Perhaps you're simply looking for new ideas. When your creativity flies the coop, these 12 techniques will snag your muse, bring it home and whip it into shape! If you can reason and write a list, you can brainstorm!

10 Simple Steps - Basics of the Writing Process - Even the professional writer can use the occasional brush-up on the basics! This simple overview of the writing process will show you how to start with only an idea and nurture it into a full grown article or even book.

Before You Write - Effective writers learn quickly that the most important keys of writing are preparation and planning. Before you even take a pen to the page, lay a solid foundation by using the pre-writing process outlined here.

The 10 Question Topic Test - It's difficult to take your unsorted, unpolished ideas and decide which are saleable ideas and which aren't. It's just as hard trying to develop those ideas for a query. Here are ten questions to apply to your idea to determine what markets it fits, how well it will sell and how to flesh it out for both a query letter and a full article.

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