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Back in August, I started a tiny little website to keep track of the cool websites I found about writing. There are so many articles and newsletters and free eBooks and eCourses and the like that it's almost impossible to quickly find what you need.

So, to save myself the time of having to dig through all the searches and websites and links, I created WriterSpot. I then started listing all of the cool writing stuff I had found at that point.

I put links to great websites, links to articles, links to newsletters, and links to free e-courses. Then, as I began learning more about the world of professional writing, I wrote some articles on the few topics I understood. (Don't get me wrong, I still understand very little.)

Eventually, it occurred to me that others would want to benefit from my work of sifting through the junk that floats freely through the internet. Surely, I'm not the only writer trying to get a handle on the profession, right?

In fact, what if, in addition to a helpful listing of all the free quality resources I could find, I also included the best deals on the best writing related products? Ah ha! I had struck upon the idea - turn my education into my job. So, I've added a few (a very few, at that) affiliate links, and started this blog to boost traffic a little. Will it work? Who knows. Will it improve my writing, increase my knowledge of writing and possibly even help my career? There's a real possibility!

So, WriterSpot is now being promoted. This blog serves as an extension of WriterSpot, and thus is part of said promotion. I hope it's helpful, I hope it's useful. Please feel free to comment on anything. Tell me what works, what doesn't, and what is just a waste of time. Suggest websites, suggest articles, and suggest anything else that is useful and helpful to the freelance writer.

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