NOT Writing for the Voice

Well, the editor in cheif of the Voice responded to my request to do a column for them. Sadly, because I write for the Scroll, writing for the Voice would present a conflict of interest. Meaning, they can't use me while I'm a Scrollie.

Because they're just a little rag-tag start-up pulled together by students, I don't think I'll be bailing on the award winning Scroll anytime soon, especially since they gave my last article a giant half page, with some gorgeous graphics. (Read it online, sans graphics, here.) In addition to being a whole lot better looking in my portfolio, my work at the Scroll does more for me in the way of establishing legitimate contacts and quality education about publication. (See my John Hughes Q&A as an example.)

However, the idea of an advice column may not be so far fetched, even with this obstacle. I had a conversation with my wife Jessica about the possibility of doing some blogging for profit, and she's all for it. Here main question? "Why aren't you doing this now?" I love that woman!

Oh, and did I mention that the Editor at the Voice thinks my work is fantastic? Those are her words. "Fantastic." If that doesn't build the ego, what does? (Oh, that's right, making money for my 'fantastic' talents!)

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