Writing for The Voice?

Today, I was handed the first copy of Rexburg's independant student newspaper, The Voice. Though they try way to hard to have a controversial tone (this is Rexburg, Idaho. The most exciting thing they have to talk about is the booting of cars. Honestly.) it is a tad refreshing to see another publication come out for students. More importantly, it seems that they've got a solid base of advertisers.

I e-mailed them today about doing a regular advice column, and I hope to hear back soon about the idea. Partly, I'd love to have a regular column, even it's for some hack job of a student paper. A column in a rag is better than no column at all, right?

Secondly, I've really been wanting to do an advice coloumn of this sort for a while. For months I've had people regularly approaching me for advice on dating, and one of those folks just got engaged thanks to my advice. If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is. My wife and I have often tossed around the idea of my doing some sort of pro-dating coach type job here, since the BYU-I dating scene is ridiculously active, and the idea of an advice coloumn has always appealed to me.

Here's hoping it works out alright.

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