Look Like a Pro! (A Series)

In the next week or so, I will be in the process of reorganizing, revamping and otherwise sprucing up my personal marketing materials. As I do this, I’ll be detailing, step by step, what I’ve changed and how it’s better. I’ll be posting all of this information as a series, including all sorts of informational goodies for readers.

Some of the topics I’ll cover:
The Mug Shot - Why every writer needs to look sharp
The Portfolio - Putting your best foot forward with your best work
The Business Card - If you don't have a card, you might not exist
The Website - See above.
Building Your Personal Media Kit - Putting it all together into a professional Grand Slam.

I may include as part of this series interviews related to these topics. Do you know a lot about any of these areas? Drop me a line: BrianWestover[at]gmail.com

Any suggestions as to what else I should include would be appreciated.

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