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Now that we've finished our look at Headshots and Author Photos, the Look Like a Pro! series turns it's attention to business cards. Listed here (in no particular order) are a variety of helpful links to learn more about why you need a business card, and how to get one.

Marketing guru Scott Ginsburg on Business cards that suck

The other day I was sifting through about 1000 business cards I've collected over the years. I noticed a few things that frustrated me… (More)

More from Scott Ginsburg – “Here’s My Card – Oh wait, I don’t have one…

Have you ever missed out on a business opportunity because you didn't have a business card? (More)

Freelancers on Business Cards

Absolute Write forum discussion about business cards:

Thread 1

Thread 2

'Renegade Writer' Linda Formichelli on business card options

A potential client asks for your card. What do you do?

A. Pretend to search through your pockets and tell the client you must have forgotten them.
B. Pull out a jazzy four-color illustrated card that unfolds and displays a pop-up image of your smiling face. Hey, it cost a bundle, but it takes money to make money, right?
C. Hand the client a homemade business card — dot matrix print on perforated white cardboard. Clients like thrifty freelancers!
D. Hand the client a tasteful business card that looks pricier than it was.

Read the correct answer and learn about affordable printing options here!

Dr. Ivan R. Misner, from the book “It’s in the Cards!”

Here’s the bottom line: this amazing little tool, this tiny advertisement that keeps working and working, is the most cost efficient promotional device you can own. A simple, elegant, classic business card can lend you and your business an air of quiet professionalism for only a few cents.

Free business cards, just pay shipping - Vista Print

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